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What We Do



A common question asked by our client is “why are we paying a fee for what you provide?” I believe this question is fair and reasonable and please let me share our process with you:


  • Client Introduction and Job Summary – To make this service personal, our agents meet with the client and understand the working environment and culture. At this stage, we would sit down and discuss exactly what the client is seeking and if possible work through current candidates on our database.


  • Timeline – Once the requirement is completely understood, a detailed timeline is arranged for the client that lays out dates in which they will be receiving communication. This assures the client of what they will be expecting and reducing stress.


  • Advertising – At a cost to us, GMTS will advertise the role confidentially on various job boards and LinkedIn. Being a recruitment business, we also have several other methods of candidate attraction.


  • Shortlist – As per the timeframe set out in (2), GMTS will provide a shortlist of candidates with a comprehensive report attached. This then allows the client to choose who they would like to see for a formal interview. This process can then be duplicated if a second round interview stage is needed.


  • Offer and Salary Negotiation – When a formal offer is made by the client to the candidate, GMTS will assist in the negotiation stage and commit the candidate to a start date. Being a third party in these proceedings allows for a smooth process.


  • Aftercare – Once the candidate has commenced work, GMTS will follow up on commencement of employment, 2 weeks, 6 weeks and finally at 3 months with both the client and candidate to make sure both parties are happy.